Simply Pointless

But hey, why not?


My Latest Mashup: Adele vs. Pendulum

Get it while it’s available. 😉


Well, About That Mayan Prophecy…

To celebrate last December’s promised end of the world, me and Nicolaj Jensen decided to put together one last DJ set to go out with a bang. Unfortunately for the Mayans the prophecy didn’t happen, forever damaging their reputation as fortune tellers. Lucky for you, the internet is still around for you to enjoy our set.

As always, thanks to Leigh Stone and the folks at Kick 106 for airing this set.


They Are Watching Me

After realizing that people actually visit this page (hello RPS) I furthermore realized that maybe I should post some more regular updates. Brace yourselves!


ISIS Canned For Now

Looks like there won’t be a finished version of ISIS anytime soon – after putting some more work into it, I had some of the more important mechanics working, but realized that it just wasn’t fun.

Back to the electronic drawing board.