Simply Pointless

But hey, why not?


Knee-Deep In The… Eucalyptus Oil?

Today’s addition to my shelf is one of the classic video game releases – id Software’s Doom. While in rather good shape for its age, the box came with some sticker residues on it, but I successfully managed to get it all off without damaging the box…

I love the smell of a hot herbal bath in the morning!

… thanks to a suggestion I read on a forum of fellow video game collectors. Applying a bit of eucalyptus oil to the residue makes it easy to remove it while keeping the box intact. And it doesn’t smell too bad either.


WCRI – A Round-Up

Now that we have a thread about collecting old PC games over at the RPS forums, I decided I should upload some pictures of the current collection rather than posting a long list of names.


We Can Rebuild It – January Edition

More goodies to fill up shelf space. Seems like the only big box edition of Turrican II was the PC release, but that’s misssing some of the outer artwork. Also, Golden Axe, North & South and a still shrinkwrapped box of Machines (“Rrrrreaper online!”).

Size doesn’t matter.

Furthermore here’s the (new to me) long box edition of the first Command & Conquer which I think looks much better than the Worldwide Warfare edition. The latter comes with Red Alert (+ expansions) and the soundtrack, but since I already got the latter and want a proper box of Red Alert I gave in and bought this one instead.

Three’s a crowd.

February is off to a good start as well – Dungeon Keeper and Crusader: No Regret should arrive soon.