Simply Pointless

But hey, why not?


Funk From The Future

To ease the waiting time until Future Funk Squad’s “Darker Nights” remix album arrives (soon!) I give you another mashup I created while trying to throw together another DJ set. One day… *sigh*

I also created a playlist of stuff I am probably never gonna finish due to the lack of useable source material. I blame Lulu Rouge for not releasing those instrumentals.


Fixing What’s Not Quite Broken

Sometimes a mashup can be more about fixing what’s already there: even though Fisso & Spark already did a remix for Hexadecimal’s “Open Your Eyes” it was a departure from their usual breakbeat style. No need to worry, though – the Dirty Beatmeister and his patented Vocal-B-Gone plugin are here to fill that gap.


A Cyberstorm Is Coming

Ok, hands up everybody who is old enough to remember Missionforce Cyberstorm. Ah, I see. Well, for those of you who have never heard of it, MFCS was a turn-based mech strategy game which took a lot of inspiration from the Battletech board games but got released long before the latter’s Mech Commander, and up until today that remains a genre with painfully few entries.

However, as the indie scene and crowdfunding platforms taught us in the recent past it’s only a matter of time until even the most underserved niche receives its long overdue update. Enter developer toasticus aka Zack Fowler who took it upon himself to breathe life into the genre again with his yet nameless entry. Previous projects he has worked on include Firaxis’ XCOM reboot so he probably knows a thing or two about turn-based strategy games.

Today Zack shared a video showcasing the current state of his game. While that alone should be interesting for (semi) old farts like us, the main reason I mention this is that the video features background music by yours truly. 🙂

Bouncing ideas back and forth with Zack has been great fun so far, and I hope we will continue to do so in the future.


Can You Hear The Sun Screem?

Alright, so summer finally has arrived in Germany, bringing with him high temperatures, spontaneous thunderstorms and a great excuse to consume as much ice cream as your body can handle. It’s the perfect opportunity to share another mashup, this time combining British 90’s house pioneers Sunscreem with Spanish breakbeat wizard Colombo.


In The Meantime, Here’s Some Music

First, my most recent mashup. Nu-skool breaks vs. not-so-nu-skool anymore breaks. What comes after nu-skool? Middleschool breaks?

And the DJ set it was featured in.

Kid Panel – ‘R ‘U Ready? [The Pooty Club Records]
Colombo – California [iBreaks]
Deenk & Geon – Subtronic [Hard & Hits]
Vize – Killin’ Speakers (Blacklist Remix) [Breakz R Boss Records]
Mutantbreakz – Creation (Kid Panel Remix) [Rat Records UK]
Outer Kid – Panic In Funktron [Elektroshok Records]
Lo IQ? – Around The World [Breakz R Boss Records]
Fisso & Spark – Killer On The Dancefloor [DUBTRXX]
Chelydra – Vulpecula (Colombo Remix) [Acida Records]
Meat Katie & Elite Force vs. kuplay – Divine F*** (c-Row’s infusion vs. kid panel reboot) [CD-R]
Dustin Hulton – F*** U (Kid Panel Remix) [Sound Break Records]
Chevy One – Now I’m Letting It Go [iBreaks]

I had a hard time not turning this into a Kid Panel only set.

Also, sorry for the lack of anything game-related.


Dirty Beats Done Dirt Cheap .09

Here’s episode 9 of my rather irregular series, as aired on Friday 12th on Kick Radio to some great feedback. Thanks, folks! 🙂

Pag “I Believe In Cosmic Love” (Loquai Remix) [Mistique Music]
Maxim Hix “Look Forward” [Zebra 40]
Suffused “Year 2008” (Alfoa Remix) [Mistique Music]
Airwave “Chiricahua” [L*C*D Recordings]
Adrian Heathcote “The Assassin” [VIM Records]
Tee-Ex “Indestructable” [Morphosis Limited]
DJ Shinobi & Losing Rays “Only You” (Retroid Remix) [Morphosis Records]
Vadim Koks “Painter” [Dextrous Records]
Dave LeBon “Biface” (Digital Department Remix) [Undefined Records]
Ire “Take Over” (Line Of Sight Remix) [VIM Records]
Logistics “Running Late” [Hospital Records]


Next Friday Is Gonna Be Dirty

Just a quick note that episode 09 of Dirty Beats Done Dirt Cheap is wrapped up and scheduled to air this Friday in Leigh Stone’s Friday Social radio show on Kick Radio. Tune in around 8 PM (GMT) and join the chat!


My Latest Mashup: Adele vs. Pendulum

Get it while it’s available. 😉


Well, About That Mayan Prophecy…

To celebrate last December’s promised end of the world, me and Nicolaj Jensen decided to put together one last DJ set to go out with a bang. Unfortunately for the Mayans the prophecy didn’t happen, forever damaging their reputation as fortune tellers. Lucky for you, the internet is still around for you to enjoy our set.

As always, thanks to Leigh Stone and the folks at Kick 106 for airing this set.


Dirty Beats .08 goes live

Better late than never – after taking a long break, occassionally interrupted by a mashup or two, there has been a new episode in the not yet overly famous Dirty Beats series of mostly rhythmic noises.

Seth Orin “Sound Ignition” (hironimous bosch remix)
Hironimus Bosch “Dubstep Made Me Blind”
Beta & Hironimus Bosch “Reality Grinds”
Xen Ochren & Ben Moore “Tensions” (beat rangers remix)
Quadrat Beat “Chasing Stars” (kid panel remix)
Mord Fustang vs. Thomas Bangalter “Lick The Scratch” (elite force revamp)
Quadrat Beat “Lights”
Beta “Feel”
Alfoa “Origami” (mdk remix)
Beta “Headspace”
Deenk “Back Again” (beat rangers remix)
Destroyers “Is Any Men”
Deenk “Pump”

I know having three consecutive tracks by the same artist is the direct path to DJ hell, but I had to rearrange things and they worked so nicely together.