Simply Pointless

But hey, why not?


In The Meantime, Here’s Some Music

First, my most recent mashup. Nu-skool breaks vs. not-so-nu-skool anymore breaks. What comes after nu-skool? Middleschool breaks?

And the DJ set it was featured in.

Kid Panel – ‘R ‘U Ready? [The Pooty Club Records]
Colombo – California [iBreaks]
Deenk & Geon – Subtronic [Hard & Hits]
Vize – Killin’ Speakers (Blacklist Remix) [Breakz R Boss Records]
Mutantbreakz – Creation (Kid Panel Remix) [Rat Records UK]
Outer Kid – Panic In Funktron [Elektroshok Records]
Lo IQ? – Around The World [Breakz R Boss Records]
Fisso & Spark – Killer On The Dancefloor [DUBTRXX]
Chelydra – Vulpecula (Colombo Remix) [Acida Records]
Meat Katie & Elite Force vs. kuplay – Divine F*** (c-Row’s infusion vs. kid panel reboot) [CD-R]
Dustin Hulton – F*** U (Kid Panel Remix) [Sound Break Records]
Chevy One – Now I’m Letting It Go [iBreaks]

I had a hard time not turning this into a Kid Panel only set.

Also, sorry for the lack of anything game-related.

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