Simply Pointless

But hey, why not?


So… what is ISIS?

ISIS is my attempt at creating – and eventually finishing this time around – a small game in Unity. The basic premise is creating a Space Invaders-inspired game that breaks away from the standard “You down here, they up there” scheme the original and its various clones rely on. How to do this? By placing the game on a hexagon!

Apart from the obvious difference that there are no borders on the sides of the screen which stop your movement, the biggest advantage is that the game will allow you to go beyond the standard “One screen, one stage” template by creating layouts of various separate hexagons, allowing the introduction of proper level design and objectives (like destroying the power generators in the three outer sections before being able to harm the centre section’s main enemy).

I will post screenshots of the current version later.


Having to catch up a bit

So you might or might not have heard about some of the latest tunes I shared on SoundCloud. If you don’t have, here is one of the latest mashups, this time made entirely from different tracks by the same artist. Would love to do some more of these.

If you already know this one, there is no reason not to give it another spin, right?


… and done!

Well, that went surprisingly well.


Got some upgrading to do

It seems like my web host finally arrived in 2012, offering both PHP and MySQL in their latest respective version. I shall try to update this page once more, either basking in the light of my success or start crying again in case the WP installation gets messed up.


Latest Dirty Beats DJ set on Soundcloud

Kicking of the new year, my latest Dirty Beats set was played on January 4th on Kick 106 as usual. Not too much of an audience in the chatroom – guess some people still had to recover from their New Year’s celebration.

Alexis Tyrel “Rebecca Loos” (gui boratto remix)
Hardfloor “Two Guys Three Boxes”
Phonat “Ghetto Burnin'” (bahar canca remix)
Aeron Aether “Twilight” (not okay remix)
The Crystal Method “Come Back Clean” (kaskade extended remix)
Aeron Aether “Synthanella”
Quivver “In Your Boat”
King Unique “2000000 Suns”
Bomb The Bass “Start” (fm radio gods remix)
Hybrid vs. Way Out West “Perfect Dark Future”
Moby “Wait For Me” (jean elan remix)
Long Range “Tools”
Gai Barone & Ad Brown “Arpeggiator” (main mix)
The Young Punx “SugarCandySuperNova” (redroche remix)

I might turn the Hybrid vs. Way Out West track into a proper mashup at some point.


Always have a backup plan

Sorry for not posting in a long while, but while WordPress embraced the future – or the present to be precise – my ISP decided to still cling to the old version of MySQL, rendering the admin pages of WordPress pretty much useless. When approaching them about upgrading the version of MySQL currently in use, they replied several days later with some very clear instructions on how to use PHP5 with their servers.

How very helpful.


Not so quiet on the Way Out Western Front

Gave the latest Hybrid single a good spin, and look where it landed – combined with Way Out West’s “Only Love” this makes for the perfect tune of a summer yet to come. Received some great feeback already.

In other news, I did another episode of Dirty Beats Done Dirt Cheap. It’s an 80 minute trip of tech funk and breaks and the first episode that really deserves the Dirty Beats tag in my opinion. This one was an exclusive set for Kick 106 – expect more of these in the future.

Last but not least, I broke the 1,000 downloads barrier on SoundCloud. Thanks to everybody who helped raising that number!


Breathing & Barking

Totally forgot to post this here… of course March was no exception from the Monthly Mashup schedule. This time we have Infusion and Gui Boratto, mashed into a tasteful dish which was hinted in my Dirty Beats DJ set before.

Gui Boratto’s “Take My Breath Away” really is one versatile monster – you can throw almost any track at it and it will still sound awesome. At first, I wanted to combine it with the vocals from Hybrid’s “Formula Of Fear”, but Rektchordz got the nod instead, and you all know how that turned out. So instead, I decided for Infusion’s “Dogtown (D-Nox & Beckers remix)” and never looked back since.


“Insect” featured on BineMusic compilation

When I am not working on mashups or DJ sets, I am doing some original tracks as well. Fortunately for some, I do a lot of mashups, therefore I (unfortunately for others I hope) don’t find the time for working on my own stuff very regularly. But not anymore!

Various Artists | 2010

Various Artists | 2010

My own track “Insect” is featured on the “Various Artists | 2010” compilation released on BineMusic this week. It’s a surprising departure from my usual output, but those who know my previous tracks on the label will hopefully feel familiar with it. The 2×12″ will be exclusively available at the BineMusic webshop, while those who prefer their music in 0’s and 1’s can purchase it through the usual outlets including iTunes, Boomkat, Beatport and others.

For those who never heard about my other work before, there’s an audio sample available of course.


The Month of Awesome

I hereby declare March the official Month of Awesome. Seems like my Rektchordz/Hybrid mashup not only got more plays than any of my previous work, it even ended up on Chris & Mike’s own radar somehow, suggesting on SoundCloud they will play it at some point. Their comment also drew several new listeners to my profile, so that’s a double thank you guys!

But there is even more to come – looks like my Dirty Beats dj set will be aired as Progression Guestmix @ 22:00 23/03/10 on next week. Hope some of you tune in that evening!